Tri County
Church of God

A Full Gospel Church
in Salem, OH

A Full Gospel Church in Salem, OH


Francis Burkhart, Senior Pastor
Tammy Burkhart, First Lady

Pastor Francis Burkhart is an ordained bishop with the Church of God. He completed his ministerial studies, training, and internship through Lee University External Studies. He was born and grew up in Coshocton, a small community in central Ohio. He moved to Salem in 1988 to become the youth pastor at Tri-County. There he met Tammy and they were married in 1993. In 1994 he became the senior pastor.

He has a passion for God, his family, the word of God, and the church. His great desire is to see lives changed by the power of God. He preaches a message of repentance, hope, faith, love, and purpose.

They reside in Salem with their daughter Ashley.

Youth Pastor
Derek Bender

Pastor Derek is an ordained minister with the Church of God. He was born & raised in Salem, OH and grew up in the Tri-County Church of God. At the age of 16 he felt the call of God upon his life and became licensed at the age of 19.

He has worked in various ministries of the local church including Tape ministry, Children’s, Youth, and Usher ministries. He also plays the base guitar.

His current role is Youth Pastor. He works weekly with the youth doing Teen’s Quake and also coordinates youth activities & mission trips. His vision & goal is to see the gifts and fruit of the Spirit operating in the lives of youth.

Although the trend today is to get teens in the church to have fun, Derek believes strongly in discipleship & encouraging the teens to apply their gifts in ministry, which helps produce growth & balance in their lives.